Au Sucre

BrandingGraphic Design

Logo for a high end french style bakery.

In collaboration with Ilse Salgado.
Initial sketches after the name was settled.
An ideal logo is so obvious that you don't need extra help to guess what the business stands for, just the shapes and color alone are enough to tell you the whole story, and that's what we wanted to achieve in this project.
The brief was a special challenge, as the identity had to be somewhat french with a local feel at the same time, classical and warm but not too old, noisy and slightly abstract but logic.
First batch of options in different color combinations.
At this point the final colors were chosen, brown and beige won for being reminiscent of the products that would eventually help to be sold: coffee, bread, cream, homemade chocolate and milk caramel.
We could already see what the final form would be like, but there still was some refinements to be made.
First candidate.
Weight and style testing.
We realized that the dual lines could use some more contrast to help with readability, which eventually led us to settle for a heavier weight than initially proposed.
The two final candidates.
Some more changes were proposed, but the rounder "AU" was chosen for being rounder and overall a better fit for the other letters.
Final design in BW and color.
The final design is truly a thing of beauty, a perfect balance between straight lines and curves, a collection of heavy and slim lines that pleases the eye in a way that individual strokes can't replicate. 
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