BrandingGraphic Design

Business card for a personal brand with a simple and sophisticated design.

In every project you have to take into account the taste and preferences of the client, but when you work with personal brands these are much more important as they are very close to people.
The typography was selected after a series of elimination rounds to choose one that was akin to the client preferences, all of them were done by hand to create a unique identity by themselves.
3D render of two of the likely winners, the chosen font ended up being halfway between the two styles.
The main colors were selected by the client, they wanted the card to be pink with gold letters, so I had to look for a good relationship between hue, saturation and value to create an appropriate contrast and good readability.
The 3D design was suggested for the project, which helped to highlight the typography as the central jewel of a minimalist design, even though it is full of details, lights, shadows, gloss and reflections, they compliment a central piece.
Vector shape and 3D render of the chosen design before color correction.
Final design of the business card after color correction.
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